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Jennifer Miranda Grigor, Vancouver Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm Miranda.

Designer, cat lady, astrology enthusiast.

When you love what you do, what you do will love you back. Admittedly, it took me three college diplomas and many years of career experimentation to figure that out. Thanks to that exploration, I've landed in a place in my career that feels truly in line with who I am. 

I'm a visual problem-solver and communicator. Type, colour and layout are my most valued tools. I have a deep understanding of brand strategy and the power of a well-designed digital experience. I work with small business owners, creatives and healers to bring their brands to life. 

I'm also pretty introverted. After years of working both in-house and with boutique creative agencies, I have learned that I do my best work from my home studio in Vancouver, BC, with a cat in my lap.

Fun facts about me:

I go by my middle name, Miranda. My parents didn't expect people to call me Jenny, and they weren't into it. For that, I'm grateful (no offence, Jenny).

I'm the co-creator of Moon Pages, a journal designed to gently infuse your life with ritual using the moon phases and zodiacal signs as your guide. Claim your copy here.

When I'm not working with my own clients, I'm either leading design at Flipside or collaborating with my creative girl band Kit Kollective.

I've been vegetarian for over half my life, and I'm a pretty good cook. Check out my Pinterest for my favourite recipes. You'll also find creative inspiration, astrology tidbits and nail art.

I play guitar, ukelele and piano. My brother is the real rock star in the family, but I like to sing backup once in a while. 


Entrepreneurs, creatives and healers using business to craft a better world. Is this you?