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Like well-designed signage, tarot helps us navigate life's mysteries.

I'm offering 2020 Year-Ahead and Cosmic Question readings at a special rate for the month of January. All readings take place over Zoom video call with the option to record our session so you can rewatch it later. Click here to book or email me with questions.

Want to focus your reading on your business goals? Both of these spreads can easily be tweaked to apply to your work, whether it's a full-time gig or a side hustle. Just select the Small Biz Bosses option when you book.

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    Book a Cosmic Questions long distance tarot reading via Zoom.

    year ahead readings

    This six-card spread is an energetic overview of 2020, perfect for the new year or your birthday.

    Using numerology, we'll calculate your theme cards for the year ahead and the year past and discuss the transition between the two.

    With 4 more cards, we'll explore what's being released from last year, energy to harness in the year ahead, and how the Universe is inviting you to thrive in 2020.

    book now for $40

    cosmic question spread

    Got a question for the universe? In this three-card spread we'll use astrology's concept of the sun, moon, and rising signs to explore the layers of your question.

    This spread is designed to help you find clarity by going deeper into the core essence of your question, uncovering it's roots, and looking at it's impact on your day-to-day life.

    This spread is great for any time of year and works best for one specific question / intention.

    book now for $25
    In a reading, we can discuss any aspect of your life that needs a little extra clarity—career, health, love, or anything in between. I'll be offering long distance tarot readings starting in 2020. Subscribe to get updates and special offers.

    kind words

    Miranda creates a safe space for you to feel seen, heard, and held. She invites you to tune into your breath and body before each reading, and explains each step of the process in a way that makes you feel fully supported. I felt so comfortable and safe sharing my triggers, past experiences, and fears with her, and I felt like I had permission to feel anything I needed to feel throughout the reading.

    riley webster